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Don’t know your Ayurevdic Constitution?


I highly recommend the Ayurevdic Institute’s educational materials.

On their site click on the Lotus icon on the lower left labled Online Resources. Inside you will see a pdf called Discover Your Constitution.  This quiz will help you determine how you are constituted from an Ayurvedic standpoint. Answer these questions considering yourself throughout your entire life. Your constitution is called your Prakruti, and it stays essentially constant through your life.

The other tool in this same section is titled Discover Your Current State. This quiz asks the same questions in order to help you determine how you are constituted right now.

If you seek to live in balance with your god-given constitution, you will want to eat foods that are good for it. The Food Guidelines in this section are invaluable for that purpose.

Health in Ayurevda is one big balancing act!

How to Stay Healthy This Fall


Here are some more vata-balancing things that will keep you from becoming vata-deranged this fall:

– AM: Hold a mouthful of warm sesame oil in your mouth & swish 2-3 minutes. Then, massage your gums with sesame oil

– AM: Gargle with haritaki (an indian herb) tea & drink the rest

– AM: Drink warm water after brushing teeth & do alternate nostril pranayama 

-AM: Massage warm sesame oil on your body before showering

Remember…2 things control vata: HEAT & OIL!

Welcome to an ongoing conversation about Ayurveda!


Fall is vata season, which is bound to aggravate our vata qualities. You can avoid vata troubles this fall by eating warm, wet food, staying warmly clothed and avoiding the wind. Also, using sesame oil is nurturing and warming. Try rubbing it on the soles of your feet and the top of your head each night before bed to keep your vata in balance!