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Get Ready for Spring


Winter is kapha accumulation season. Just as the snow and ice melt to water in spring, the accumulated kapha ama (toxins) of winter also start to run. This often manifests as runny nose, colds, flu and allergies. These problems are likely to be worse for those with a kapha imbalance, or those whose primary dosha is kapha.

So what can we do to avoid getting sick?

This is the time of year that we cleanse our systems of ama using the Ayurevdic pancha karma program of diet, herbs & activities.  And after the cleanse?

Normally, Pitta people will enjoy spring – at least until it gets hot! In springtime, Vata people will feel healthy & happy. But those with a Kapha imbalance  or who are primarily kapha may be challenged, are at risk of getting sick and may still need to re-balance. 

So what is kapha-balancing?

– Avoid heavy, oily food

– Minimize sweet, sour and salty foods

– Stay away from meat and dairy (small amounts of ghee are fine)

– If you must have animal foods, eat fish, venison, chicken, turkey & eggs

– Avoid wheat, brown and white rice (basmati is okay), most pasta, bleached flour, white bread

– Avoid dates, melons, cucumber, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, squash 

– Eat more foods that have bitter, pungent & astringent tastes

– Favor legumes, amaranth, barley, corn, millet, buckwheat, rye, quinoa, tapioca, oat bran

– Eat apples, apricots, pears, cherries, dark grapes, raisins & berries

– Favor artichokes, asparagus, beets, carrots, lettuce, leafy greens, radish, spinach & okra

– For flavor, use onions, garlic & small amounts of heating spices

– End meals with lassi (equal parts water & yogurt, shaken with dry ginger)

– Drink a cup of hot water with a teaspoon of raw honey added

– No naps

– Small, light meals

– Vigorous exercise

Ayurevdic Spring Cleanse Workshop is Saturday, February 25th!


Just a reminder for the cleanse group and anyone else who is interested:

Spring Seasonal Cleanse Workshop will be held on Saturday, February 25th.

– Noon will be a session for anyone who is joining us for the first time. Please contact me through this blog to register

– 1 PM will begin the large group session. This will end at the very latest by 5 PM; probably earlier

If you have particular topics you would like us to cover, please let me know right away so that I can prepare.

Please let me know if you are already registered for the year of cleanses and unable to attend this session.

Questions? Respond to this post with a comment.